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The integration of RES in modern power systems is a challenging task worldwide. The complexity in the operation increases significantly, especially in the case of non-interconnected systems or microgrids. In all cases the design and operation of power systems should meet three main targets:

  • Efficient and economic operation
  • Increased RES penetration and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improved security of supply and reliability

These targets are most of the time conflicting. Thus sophisticated solutions should be adopted in order to reach the optimal solution with respect to the system configuration and coordination. In these solutions advanced ICT tools both for decision making and operation are essential.

EFESYS is formed by a group of engineers with long experience in the area of smart grids and microgrids and have background from different fields/disciplines. Thus the EFESYS team is capable to:

  • Develop energy and smart grid applications: tools for microgrid planning, design and operation
  • Consultancy on complicated technical problems: system modeling and stability analysis
  • Specialized ICT solutions: implementation of smart grid standards and system coupling

EFESYS can fully support the design, implementation and operation of smart grid and microgrid systems.


Powerful tool to support planning decisions for non interconnected systems. The system analyzes multiple scenarios in order to identify the optimal combination of units ensuring cost minimization and maximization of RES penetration. The main system functionalities include, but they are not limited to the following:

  • Estimates the evolution of Peak / Demand in the islands
  • Hourly basis calculation for the operation of Conventional Units and the various RES systems
  • Detailed and aggregated reporting

Energy Management System (EMS) for non-Interconnected systems. The purpose of this web-based software tool is to optimize the overall performance of these systems in liberalized market environments by increasing the share of wind energy and other renewable forms, including advanced online security func-tions. More specifically, modules are developed in the scope of e-Care for the collection and analysis of renewable, electrical and operating data. The EMS is divided in two parts: Online and Support Tool. The Online tool provides the interface for watching and monitoring the present situation of the electrical system in real time, while the Support tool offers the functionalities for subsequent data analysis and evaluation. The main system functionalities include, but they are not limited to the following:

  • Load & RES forecast
  • Unit commitment & economic dispatch
  • Dynamic security monitoring

Other application areas include

  • Integration of Distribution ICT Systems
  • Big data analytics for Smart Grids
  • Specialized consultancy /studies
  • Demand Response
  • Load Modelling
  • Isolated system operation

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